Top 10 Unique Wedding Favours

Top 10 Unique Wedding Favours

When it comes to piecing together your dream day, the small things can often help to add that personal touch to your wedding.

You can use favours to add a fun element that ties into your wedding destination or decor, or reflect you and your partner as a couple. Surprise your wedding guests with a little treat waiting for them when they take a seat at the table.

1. Personalised Miniture Gin

Is gin you and your partners favourite tipple? Share your passion with your wedding guests by having mini bottles of gin waiting for each guest as they take their seats for the wedding breakfast. You could go for a flavoured gin or something local to your area and have big bottles of tonic and lemonade on the tables ready to serve with.

2. Donation to Charity

Your choice of wedding favour can have a deeper meaning such a donation to a charity close to your heart. Some charities offer place cards or pin badges in return for your gift, so you can show each guests where your donation has gone to.

3. Wild Flower Seeds

For the plant lovers and a boho theme, a package of wildflower seeds could finish off your table setting.  Your guests can then plant these in their gardens, and as the flowers start to grow it will remind them of your magical day.

4. Personalised Tea

Whether it is bags of your favourite brew or your own herbal creation in glass bottles, there’s nothing more British than a cuppa – so it makes the perfect wedding favour. You could even add miniature silver tea strainers if you go for lose leaf tea.

5. Have a drink on us!  – Cocktails 

To get the party started early, why not have a cocktail waiting for each guest at their place setting. You could serve these in personalised glasses ready for everyone to toast to the happy couple.

6. Activity books for children

If children are a big part of your special day, activity books can be a great idea to keep them entertained during the quieter times of your reception.

7. Sweet treat, personalised biscuits

Offer your wedding guests a sweet treat with homemade biscuits or fudge, get crafty and wrap each one personalised with your wedding date and yourself and partners name.


8. Pick and Mix

If you have a serious sweet tooth, fill retro style jars with your favourite sweets, you could even add a vintage touch by hiring a sweetie cart for guests to choose their own pick ‘n’ mix throughout the reception.

9. Books

Lovers of literature, you could give books as wedding favours.  Trawl through local charity shops for copies of your favourite titles and then wrap them up for guests to take away with them.

 10. Mini Succulent

For a unique keepsake of your wedding day, choose one of these exotic miniature plants that your guests can take away. This can add a touch of colour and decoration to your table settings, and you could even attach labels for each guests name.

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