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Newly Engaged – The truth about wedding planning!

Newly Engaged – The truth about wedding planning!

Happy Friday everyone! As some of you may know our bridal consultant Amber got engaged in November last year, in this post she’s sharing the truth about her wedding planning experience so far.

They always say buying a house or planning a wedding are the two most stressful things you can do. As someone who works in the industry I thought I knew pretty much all there is to know about planning a wedding – so how hard was this going to be?

VERY! Is the answer. The sheer number of decisions involved in wedding planning is completely overwhelming – especially for someone like me who struggles to decide what I want for tea, let alone anything else.

The pressure of making the right decisions about all things wedding soon took over and started to over shadow what we were actually doing. Our receptionist Peta got married in November and has been the most amazing source of real life wedding advice. Apparently there is a whole legal process to go through when you’re planning on getting married – who knew?!


But the reality is no matter how much money is spent, what colour the bridesmaids dresses are or what we have for starter, in 10, 20 or 30 years time I will probably look back and wish I’d done something differently. This is inevitable to me and I actually found it very reassuring – as long as we exchange vows in front of our loved ones and celebrate with booze and food after, that is all that matters.

The thing is every wedding is so different, as is every couple, what is hugely important to us on our wedding day might be very insignificant to another couple.

But this is actually the best piece of advice to keep in mind, it doesn’t matter what people have done at previous weddings you’ve attended or what is normal. Each wedding is unique to the bride and groom and reflects their personality.


With this in mind we have been sticking to our guns of what we want the day to be like and so far we are over the moon with the decisions we have made.


So after a pretty stressful start we’re really getting into the swing of it and our big day is really starting to come together. I will be sharing my entire wedding planning experience right up until the wedding day itself – so keep an eye out for the next one! x

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