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November City Break in Prague…And A Proposal!

November City Break in Prague…And A Proposal!

Not long ago our bridal consultant Amber went to Prague with her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday and their 4 year anniversary, little did she know it was going to be a very special trip indeed!

We arrived in Prague late Tuesday evening. There was a lovely surprise in our room from the hotel…complimentary champagne and a note from the staff – it was our 4 year anniversary on Friday. We saved the champagne for the next day as that was my birthday.

We woke up the next day and decided to do a bit of sightseeing and walk to Charles Bridge and also Prague Castle. We of course stopped off for a few birthday drinks on the way!

We turned a corner and arrived at Charles Bridge, I immediately started taking pictures and we walked down to the side of the bridge to admire the view and all of the padlocks that people and their loved ones left.

It was at this point my boyfriend Sean asked a total stranger to take a picture of us, instead of smiling towards the camera he turned to face me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

He caught me completely off guard, I immediately said yes whilst crying like a baby (I had zero composure at this moment I was so overwhelmed). I was also very aware of the 30 odd tourists stood around us – they all clapped and cheered as he put the ring on my finger.

Special thank you to the stranger who captured the moment brilliantly…


Unsurprisngly we never made it to Prague Castle – instead we headed straight to the nearest bar for a beer and a glass of wine to celebrate and let it all sink in. It was the most amazing moment of my life and something I will never ever forget.

A note from Sean

“I had been planning for months to propose to Amber in Prague, and also had the exact ring in mind which I was sure she was going to love.

On the day I needed a couple of drinks beforehand to help settle the nerves before we went on a walk around the city. When we came to cross the Charles Bridge, it was the perfect setting and I thought “it’s now or never”.

I asked another tourist to take a picture of the stunning setting with Prague Castle in the background, when I got down on one knee and asked her. I don’t think she really heard much of my speech (which took me ages to memorise), as she was in a bit of shock. However, I just about made out a “YES!”. I was so relieved and when I heard everyone clapping I thought, “Yes, nailed it!”.

The man with my camera managed to capture it all and even made a video! We then got our padlock, wrote our note on it and through the key in the river! It was the best day of my life!”


We spent the rest of our time in Prague sight seeing and celebrating, it was the most perfect few days. We would also like to thank all of the #emmalouisebrides who have said congratulations to us – we cannot wait to start the wedding planning! 🙂 x

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