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The Next Big Bridesmaid Trend

The Next Big Bridesmaid Trend

This week our amazing new bridesmaid dresses from Sorella Vita arrived in the boutique and we are in love with them!

The new collection includes some beautiful Nouveau Sequin art deco inspired gowns in gorgeous metallic colours.

This introduces the next big trend for bridesmaid fashion of mix and match. The possibilities are endless – mixing fabrics and colours for a completely fresh and exciting look for your girl squad. The beauty of Nouveau Sequins is that they can be mixed with existing Sorella Vita gowns such as the 8872 or perhaps 8944.

Pair with a full sequin gown for something glamorous and statement making.


Rose gold and pale lilacs and pinks make a feminine bridal party


Try cool tones and platinum for something more modern.


New styles also include some breathtaking Mikado numbers. These satin gowns are elegant and classic but with a modern twist.

This means brides no longer need to worry about finding one colour and one style to suit all their bridesmaids. The great thing about weddings now is that things don’t have to match perfectly! Mix and match your colours, fabrics and style – the sky is the limit when it comes to your vision of your wedding day.

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